A Reflection

Headshot of Thom Segerson

December 2nd marked the anniversary of Thom’s passing – a tragic loss of a dear friend, colleague, mentor, and leader within the public health arena serving those less fortunate. This anniversary period allows all of us who have joined in honoring Thom’s memory through the Thom Segerson Foundation (TSF) to pause and reflect on how the foundation efforts have indeed successfully honored Thom’s legacy in a manner few imagined possible:

A Path Forward

As successful as the foundation has been, there are still the realities that make long-term charitable foundation viability challenging. Ongoing legal constraints, forever expanding tax requirements of 501c3 non-profits, documentation and administration mandates, and the ever present challenges of fund-raising during challenging economic times. These issues have been increasing, though the foundation’s success to date has been remarkable.

In light of the above considerations, the Board of Directors recently convened, and after significant discussion and weighing alternative options, decided by unanimous vote to cease all legal and non-profit functions of the TSF effective December 31, 2014. As of that date the Thom Segerson Foundation will cease to function or be recognized as a 501c3 entity.

Continuing the Legacy

We can all continue carrying on Thom’s legacy, as his spirit remains alive and well within us. As you discern how you personally would like to continue honoring Thom, please realize that any effort on your part, no matter how large or small, deepens Thom’s legacy for all time. Perhaps you will choose to support your favorite local charity in Thom’s honor. For those seeking more direction, the Board encourages your support of the Touching Tiny Lives Foundation by direct donations to TTLF. Not only is their work in keeping with Thom’s vision, but there exists another special link. TTLF’s work is located in Lesotho, southern Africa. This is the same country that now welcomes Thom’s dear sister, MaryBeth, as a Peace Corp Volunteer. MaryBeth’s work with the children of Lesotho will include HIV/AIDS education, so not only would Thom be proud of MaryBeth, but he would likely see her work continuing his legacy as well.

So, in many ways the spirit of a great man lives on...